Crispy Egg Rolls, Best Tasty Egg Rolls  

The mouth-watering best tasty egg rolls made with Dahu strawberries and sweet taste of Aiwen mangoes are the best food for thought with special local products around Taiwan in them. Crispy egg rolls are not always sweet flavor. Taiwan's best recommended egg rolls are made with the dried scallion pieces form fresh local Taiwanese green onion, mixed with egg paste of the perfect ratio for the incredible Sanxing Scallion egg rolls with unique delicious and addictive scent after one bite of yours!

Cacao Crispy Crepes with Strawberry & Chocolate Flavor
Product Code: L6-01
Product Specifications: 80g*2pcs / box
Cacao Crispy Crepes with Mango & Chocolate Flavo
Product Code: L6-02
Product Specifications: 80g*2pcs / box

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