Fried Fish Floss with Gree Egg Rolls  

Fried Fish Floss with Gree Egg Rolls
  • Product Code: : Y7-02
  • Product Specifications: : 180g / box
  • Quantity / ctn : 10 box / ctn
  • Retention period : 365 days at room temperature
  • Length(cm):42.8
  • Wide(cm):37.9
  • Height(cm):27.9
  • Dimension(cuft):1.5975773244
  • N.W.:1.8kg
  • G.W.:3.2kg
Product Description

Who says Samsung onions and swordfish only dishes on the table
Royal food Ilan Samsung onions and Su-ao swordfish
Add sterilization egg, and several attempts to formula
Make this a success, sweet and salty, not greasy.
Crispy and delicious, high-quality casual snacks of all ages!

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