Red Yeast Rice Egg Rolls  

Red Yeast Rice Egg Rolls
  • Product Code: : Y7-03
  • Product Specifications: : 180g / box
  • Quantity / ctn : 10 box / ctn
  • Retention period : 365 days at room temperature
  • Length(cm):42.8
  • Wide(cm):37.9
  • Height(cm):27.9
  • Dimension(cuft):1.5975773244
  • N.W.:1.8kg
  • G.W.:3.2kg
Product Description

Natural fermented food "red yeast"

Will be a little drunk and sweet and sour taste, add the delicate egg
Red yeast rice fragrant with the most primitive egg rolls delicious for the integrated
The special flavor of health and nutrition
Eat them taste crispy and thick taste non-friable

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