Strawbreey Egg Rolls  

Strawbreey Egg Rolls
  • Product Code: : Y1-03
  • Product Specifications: : 180g / box
  • Quantity / ctn : 10 box / ctn
  • Retention period : 365 days at room temperature
  • Length(cm):42.8
  • Wide(cm):37.9
  • Height(cm):27.9
  • Dimension(cuft):1.5975773244
  • N.W.:1.8kg
  • G.W.:3.2kg
Product Description

Portable Strawberry Egg Rolls

Sweet and sour strawberry and delicious egg rolls integration
Good taste of the strawberry aroma with egg rolls
Sweet and sour crispy and delicious
Strawberries, also known as the love of the fruit
Every spring will be rich in fruit
The season of love!
Taste love the taste of strawberry egg rolls
Full of the taste of nostalgic happiness ~

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