Lychee Jelly  

Lychee Jelly
  • Product Code: : F1-22
  • Product Specifications: : 500g (50g*10pcs / box)
  • Quantity / ctn : 20 box / ctn
  • Retention period : 270 days at room temperature
  • Length(cm):55.2
  • Wide(cm):39.4
  • Height(cm):24.9
  • Dimension(cuft):1.9116542736
  • N.W.:10kg
  • G.W.:13.2kg
Product Description

Taiwan litchi fruit sector of the Royal
A bite full of juicy and delicious not to mention ~
The royal food to stick with the best ingredients
Yan elect the best Yu Hebao
Be made ​​into delicious the delicious lychee frozen
Allows you to enjoy the taste of the wonderful taste of this chaise level!

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